Jailbreak iOS 6 Guide

How to jailbreak iOS 6.

Jailbreak iOS 6
                                                      Jailbreak iOS 6

We’ve as of now demonstrated to Mac clients generally accepted methods to jailbreak iOS 6 utilizing evasi0n, and now it’s your turn Windows clients! Inside, you’ll discover an orderly instructional exercise that demonstrates to jailbreak your iOS gadget on your working arrangement of decision.

In this illustration, I’m utilizing Windows 8, however this ought to take a shot at basically any variant of Windows, including Windows 7, Windows Vista, and even Windows XP. Investigate for our aide…

Jailbreak iOS 6, Step by step guide

Step 1: Download evasi0n for Windows through official downloads page.

Step 2: Extract the download onto your desktop and open the evasi0n organizer. Right tap on the evasi0n.exe record and select Run as executive. On the off chance that a User Access Control window appears, pick yes.

Step 3: Make beyond any doubt your gadget password is handicapped, on the off chance that you ever set one up. To handicap your password lock, go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock > and pick Turn Passcode Off.

Step 4: Plug in your iDevice to your PC. Note that evasi0n will jailbreak any gadget running iOS 6 or more, aside from obviously the Apple TV.

Step 5: Evasi0n ought to now demonstrate that it has recognized your gadget. Once your gadget has been identified, the Jailbreak catch will be actuated and interactive.

Step 6: To start the jailbreak procedure, tap the Jailbreak catch.

Step 7: Evasi0n will now continue through a few stages. Among different strides, it will get ready jailbrak information, reboot the gadget, transfer Cydia, infuse jailbreak information, and transfer the Cydia bundles list. This is likely the additional tedious part of the jailbreak procedure. Simply sit back, and sit tight for evasi0n to deal with it all.

Step 8: You will now request to open your gadget. On the Lock screen, Slide to Unlock your gadget, and you will see another application symbol on the second page of the Home screen named “jailbrak”. Tap this Jailbreak application symbol once (try to just tap it once), and the screen ought to go dark and after that arrival to the Home screen instantly. Once more, ensure you just tap the Jailbreak symbol once.

Step 9: We’re in the final lap. Evasi0n will keep showing messages, for example, infusing jb information, and Root Filesystem effectively remounted. Your iphone, iPod touch or iPad will reboot, maybe more than once. The main reboot will take longer than regular, so by and by, be persistent amid this one-time setup. Once more, be patient and don’t touch anything.

Step 10: Once the escape procedure has finished, evasi0n will let you know that you are “Finished.” You ought to now see a huge evasi0n logo appearing on your iOS gadget screen. It ought to show up on more than one occasion quickly, and after that remain focused somewhat more. At last, you’ll be taken to your Lock screen. From that point, you can Slide to Unlock your iOS gadget and you ought to see the Cydia symbol on your Home screen’s second page.

Well done, your iOS 6 jailbreak procedure now finished.

Notes: Remember to reenable your password on the off chance that you expelled the password as recommended in Step 3.

This instructional exercise is for Windows clients. In case you’re a Mac client, see our Mac OS X  jailbreak iOS 6 instructional exercise. In case you’re a Linux client, stay tuned for our complete Linux iOS 6 jailbreak guide.

In case you’re occupied with jailbreaking the Apple TV 2, then hold up until we hear more word from FireCore, the people behind the Seas0nPass jailbrak answer for Apple TV.

If you’re pondering as to which Apps you ought to attempt, make sure to investigate our must have jailbrak applications for iOS 6 jailbreak done devices, and our top changes of 2012.

Last, yet not slightest, well done to group evad3rs. On the off chance that you have a craving for giving, you can give to the evad3rs utilizing the connection accessible at the base of the evasi0n jailbrak instrument.

Fill me in as to whether you have any inquiries, remarks, or recommendations in the remark area underneath. Keep in mind, bail your kindred jailbreakers out in the event that they have questions.

Jailbreak iOS 6.1.6 Using Redsn0w

Instructions to Jailbreak iOS 6.1.6 Using Redsn0w and P0sixspwn

jailbreak ios 6.1.6
ios 6.1.6 jailbreak


In case you have an iPhone 3GS or iPod touch 4G client and have moved up to iOS 6.1.6, which was discharged as of late to alter a basic SSL bug then the uplifting news is that it is still conceivable to play out an untethered jailbreak iOS 6.1.6 on your iOS gadget utilizing a blend of Redsn0w and p0sixspwn.

In this article we demonstrate to you proper methodologies to jailbreak iOS 6.1.6 first utilizing Redsn0w, and afterward changing over it into an untethered jailbreak utilizing p0sixspwn Cydia bundle.

It would be ideal if you take note of another rendition of p0sixspwn has been discharged which includes support for iOS 6.1.1, so you can utilize p0sixspwn straightforwardly to play out the untethered jailbreak on your gadget running iOS 6.1.6, rather than utilizing this workaround. You can look at our orderly guide on the most proficient method to jailbreak iOS 6.1.6 utilizing p0sixspwn. On the off chance that you’ve any issue with that technique then you can utilize this workaround.

Here are some critical focuses to note before you continue to Jailbreak iOS 6.1.6

This aide is implied for iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4G clients as iOS 6.1.6 is perfect with just these gadgets. In case you’re searching for an jailbreak for iOS 7 or higher then checkout our jailbreak page for connections to the most recent instructional exercises.

Cautioning: If you rely on upon Ultrasn0w to open your iPhone, then DO NOT upgrade to iOS 6.1.6.

If it’s not too much trouble take note of that jailbreaking your iOS gadget may void your guarantee and henceforth continue with alert and at your own danger.

Kindly bear in mind to reinforcement your iOS gadget before you continue. You can allude to this post for directions on the most proficient method to reinforcement your iOS gadget utilizing iCloud or this one to reinforcement your iOS gadget utilizing iTunes.

If you don’t mind guarantee you are running most recent adaptation of iTunes.

This strategy utilizes an iOS 6.0 jailbreak with the iOS 6.1.6 filesystem, so it could bring about some obscure issues.

You can take after these regulated guidelines to jailbreak iOS 6.1.6 on your iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4G .

Jailbreak iOS 6.1.6 step by step guide

Step 1: Download Redsn0w 0.9.15b3 (Redsn0w 0.9.15 beta 3) from this link and recovery the application in an organizer named “Redsn0w” on your desktop.

Download iOS 6.0 firmware  (yes, the trap is to guide Redsn0w toward the iOS 6.0 firmware record and NOT iOS 6.1.6 firmware document) for your iOS gadget from the connections specified beneath:

iPhone Note: Please guarantee you download the right iOS 6.0 firmware  for your iPhone model. Check this connection in the event that you require any assistance in distinguishing which iOS firmware record to download for your iPhone model.

Step 2: Connect your gadget to the PC and double tap the Redsn0w compress document and concentrate the application. Explore to the Redsn0w envelope and dispatch the Redsn0w application.

Windows 7 clients ought to run the exe in Windows XP similarity mode (right-tap on the Redsn0w exe and select Properties, then select the Compatibility tab and select Run this system in similarity mode for Windows XP). Windows XP and Windows 7 clients ought to run Redsn0w as “Manager” (right-tap on the Redsn0w exe and select ‘Keep running as an Administrator’).

Step 3: Click on Extras catch.

Step 4: Then tap on the Select IPSW catch. Explore and select the firmware record download in Step 2. It ought to effectively recognize it and educate you that it will be utilized as a part of whatever is left of the session.

Step 5: Go back to Redsn0w’s principle page and tap on the Jailbreak catch.

Step 6: Redsn0w will now begin setting up the jailbreak information.

Step 7: You will now be provoked to choose the jailbreak choices. Ensure Cydia is chosen and tap on the Next catch to proceed. You can likewise choose Enable battery rate alternative.

Step 8: Then incited to put your iOS gadget into the DFU mode. Turn off your gadget, however keep it connected to the PC.

Step 9: Click on the Next catch. Redsn0w will make you through the vital strides:

(a) Hold the Power catch on your iOS gadget down for 3 seconds:

(b) Now at the same time hold the Home catch and keep the two catches squeezed for 10 seconds:

(c) Discharge the Power key while keeping the Home key squeezed until Redsn0w distinguishes the gadget:

Note: Check this instructional exercise in case you’re experiencing difficulty putting your gadget in DFU mode.

Step 10: Your iOS gadget ought to reboot now. It would be ideal if you recollect to discharge the Home catch.

Step 11: Your iOS gadget will reboot again and Redsn0w will now start transferring the new RAM circle and part.

Step 12: You will be told once the jailbreaking procedure is finished. Click on the Quit catch to leave the application.

Step 13: whatever remains of the procedure will occur on your iOS gadget, sit tight for it to finish. Your iOS gadget will reboot at the end of the day (which could take around 5 minutes). You will now see the Home screen on your iOS gadget, however Cydia would in any case be feeling the loss of, that is on the grounds that despite everything you have to tie boot your iOS gadget utilizing Redsn0w. So take after the strides specified beneath.

Boot fastened:

Step 14: Launch Redsn0w once more.

Step 15: Click on Extras catch.

Step 16: Then tap on the Select IPSW catch. Explore and select the firmware record downloaded in Step 2.

Step 17: Tap on the Just Boot catch.

Step 18: You will now be incited to plug your iOS gadget to the PC and switch it OFF once more. Take after the directions and snap on the Next catch to move to the following screen:

Step 19: You will now need to put your iOS gadget into the DFU mode. Redsn0w will make you through the essential strides:

(a) Hold the Power catch on your iOS gadget down for 3 seconds:

(b) Now at the same time hold the Home catch and keep the two catches squeezed for 10 seconds:

(c) Now discharge the Power catch while keeping the Home catch squeezed until Redsn0w distinguishes the gadget:

Step 20: Redsn0w will perceive the iOS gadget in DFU mode and apply the limerain misuse (recall to discharge the Home catch). Your iOS gadget will reboot and a pineapple logo will show up, demonstrating a fastened boot.

Step 21: Wait for the procedure to finish, once it is finished, you ought to see the Lock screen on your iOS gadget.

Your iPhone or iPod touch has now been effectively jailbroken and you ought to see Cydia on the Home screen. In the event that you don’t discover it on the Home screen, kindly don’t freeze, scan for it utilizing Spotlight. The escape is at present a “fastened” escape,

Change over Tethered Jailbreak to Untethered Jailbreak utilizing P0sixspwn:

Step 22: Launch Cydia. Since you’re propelling Cydia interestingly, you might be incited to do a crucial overhaul. It would be ideal if you simply ahead and do it, and after that relaunch Cydia once more.

Step 23: First tap on the Search tab, and quest for p0sixspwn.

Step 24:  Then tap on p0sixspwn from the indexed lists, tap on Install, trailed by the Confirm catch.

Step 25: Next tap on Return to Cydia when provoked. now you completed the jailbreak iOS 6.1.6 devices successfully

Jailbreak iOS 5 of iDevices

How to Jailbreak iOS 5 Device (step by step guide)

jailbreak iOS 5
Jailbreak iOS 5

Step by step instructions to Jailbreak iOS 5 Device. (The iPhone Dev-Team released this solution.)
iOS 5 had been out for just a week, but jailbreaking group has come up with a tethered jailbreaking for devieces running with Apple’s newest software. Here is the way of how to jailbreak your iOS 5 deviece by using the iPhone Dev-Team’s Redsn0w tools.
Jailbreaking an iPhone permits clients to pick up root access to the devieces, and additionally to install unapproved applications.

You won’t not realize that Apple has a stringent App Store strategy, and that it routinely rejects applications for various reasons, including ismuttiness and other “substance issues.” Jailbreaking your iPhone will give you a chance to download unapproved content from Cydia, which is what might as well be called the App Store (don’t stress – despite everything you’ll have the capacity to utilize the genuine App Store).
Interestingly, clients don’t have to manually supply their gadget’s IPSW document. What this implies for you is that the new Redsn0w jailbreak is extreamly quick and simple to perform on any iOS 5 devices (minus, iPad 2 and iPhone 4S). The Dev-Team is taking a shot at an untethered jailbreak, but now the tethered version is all available.

Could I Jailbreak My iOS Deviece?
When you jailbreaking your iOS gadget, you hazard transforming your new toy into a paperweight- – and in the event that you unintentionally block your iDevice, Apple most likely won’t bail you out. I’ve never had any issues with jailbreaking, yet that doesn’t mean you won’t, so continue carefully.

The most effective method to Jailbreak  iOS 5 Devices

Step 1: Install iOS 5

To play out this jail break, your gadget must run iOS 5. To get iOS 5, connect your gadget to your PC and open iTunes. Discover the gadget and select Update. Your music, applications, and information might be eradicated from your gadget, however you can up date to iOS 5 without losing your information on the off chance that you plan appropriately.

Step 2: Download Redsn0w

To jail break your iOS 5 gadget, you’ll be utilizing the Redsn0w jailbreaking tools from the iPhone Dev-Team. Download either Redsn0w 0.9.9b6 for Windows or Redsn0w 0.9.9b6 for Mac.


Step 3: Open Redsn0w, and Jailbreak

Twofold cliick on Redsn0w to open it. A window will indicate two alternatives: Jailbreak and Extras. Pick Jailbreak.

Instructions to Jailbreak iOS 5 Device
Make sure your device is plugged in, and turn it off (if it isnot connected in, plug it in 1st and then turn off).
At that point, tap the Next button. Be prepared, as you’ll be provoked to hold down a progression of buttons rapidly keeping in mind the end goal to enter Device Firmware Update (DFU) mode. Redsn0w will walk you through this, however to make sure you’re arranged, the arrangement is as per the following:
1. Hold down the Power (upper-right) catch for roughly 5 seconds.

2. Continue holding the Power catch and hold down the Home catch in the meantime for 10 seconds.
3. Discharge the Power button yet continue holding the Home button for around 10 seconds.

The most effective method to Jailbreak iOS 5 Device

When you enter DFU mode, Redsn0w will do the rest. Redsn0w will experience a progression of screens- – don’t do anything, simply wait up.

Step 4: Install Cydia

Once your telephone is jailbroken (don’t unplug it yet!) Redsn0w will request that you ‘select your options’.

Ensure Install Cydia is checked, and click Next. (As said before, Cydia is what the jailbroken equivalent of the App Stores.)

You’ll see some stuff move quickly over your iOS gadget’s screen, and after that your gadget will reboot (fastened) in a jailbroken state.


Step 5: How to Perform a Tethered Reboot

Since your iOS gadget is jailbroken, you can reboot it just while it’s tethered to your PC. (On the off chance that you reboot untethered, Cydia and Safari may crash.)

To finish this, interface your gadget to your PC and open Redsn0w. Click Extras and after that Just boot. The system will incite you to enter DFU mode, and afterward your gadget will reboot.

As of now this jailbreaking works just with the following devieces (all must run iOS 5):

iPod Touch 3G

iPod Touch 4G

iPad (unique)

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 4 (AT&T/Verizon)

Right now no jailbreak is accessible for the iPad 2 running iOS 5, or the newest iPhone 4S.

The Risks of Jailbreaking.

This jailbreaking is at present incompatible with phones that is having unlockable basebands. Dont try this if your phone is having an unlockable baseband (and you need to keep it that way). Your baseband is unlockable or unlocked if you can utilize it on any (GSM, or SIM-card-using) network system. You dont need to utilize this methods if you either brought un locked iPhone from Applle or un locked your iPhone by using a tools liike Ultrasn0w.

This is a tethered jailbreaking, which implies that every time you reboot your iOS gadget, you’ll need it associated with a PC running Redsn0w, the jailbreaking program. Fundamentally, you won’t have the capacity to reboot the gadget in case you’re not near your PC, so remember that.
Before you do anything (even updates to iOS 5), make certain to go down your gadget. How you move down relies on upon what sort of information you have on your telephone; I had a great deal of photographs, for case, so I utilized Image Capture on my Mac to spare the majority of my photos to my PC.

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History of the iOS jailbreak

iOS jailbreak

iOS jailbreak
iOS jailbreak

iOS jailbreak is the way toward evacuating programming confinements made by iOS, Apple operating system, on its gadgets including the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and second-era Apple TV.
iOS jailbreak is completed by utilizing software exploits. and it licenses root access to the iOS file system and manager, therefor appllications, extensions, and themes not available through the official Apple and App Store. can be downloaded .
iOS Jailbreak in general gives idea of breaking the deviece out of its “jail”. A metaphor utilized in Unix–style systems,for examples in {Free-BSD jail}. A jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad running iOS can even now utilize the App Store, iTunes, and other typical capacities.  for example – making phone calls.
Jailbreaking is a type of benefit escalation, and describes benefits escalation on devieces by some other manufacturers too.


Types of iOS jailbreak solutions.


Untethered IOS jailbreak

When a device is booting, it loads Apple’s own kernel firstly. The deviece should then be exploited and get the kernel patched every time it is turned on.
An “un tethered” jailbreaking has the property of if the client turns the deviece turnoff and back to on, The deviece will start up totally, and the kernel will be patched without the assistance of a PC– thus empowering the users to boot it without the need to utilize a computer. These type of jailbreakings are much harder to make and take a lots of reverse enginearing and years of experiences.


Tethered iOS jailbreak

With a “tethered” jailbreak,a PC is expected to turn the deviece on every time it is rebooted. If the deviece starts to back up on by it self, Device will no longer having a patched kernel. And device may stuck in a partialy started state. By using PC, the phone is importantly “re-jailbreaking” (utilizing the “boot tethered” features of a jailbreaking tools). in every time it is turned on. With a tethered jailbreaking, you can even now restart SpringBoard (“respring”) on the deviece without needing to reboot.


semi – Tethered iOS jailbreak.

There is a “semi–tethered” sollution. Which implie that when the deviece boots. It will no more have a patched kernel (so it won’t have the capacity to run adjusted code). However still it will be usable for usual functions. for example, making telephone calls, or texting messages. To utilize any component that requires running altered code. The client must begin the deviece with the assistance of the jailbreaking tool in order to it to starts witha patched kernel (jailbroken).


semi – unTethered iOS jailbreak.

In July 2016 p p Jailbreaking presented the “semi-un tethered” jailbreak. which works like a semi-tethered sollution in that when the deviece get boot. it no more has a patched kernel (and thus accessing to jaillbroken function,) also like an untethered deviece, in that a PC is not essential to re-patchs the kernell in order to re–enable the jailbreak (the jailbreaking installs a side loaded apps which is utilized to re–patchs the kernel after rebooting phone.
Apples have released different update to i O S that patch misuses utilized by jailbreak utilities. This has a patchs released in i O S 6.1.3 to software exploit utilized by the original evasion iOS 6–6.1.2 jailbreak. In iOS 7.1 patching the Evasion 7. jailbreaks for i O S 7–7. 0.6–7.1 beta 3. Bootrom exploits (exploits can be found in the hardwares of the deviece) can not be patched by Apple system updates.


Bugs and security holes

In July 15, 2011, Apple has released a newly iOS version. That closed the exploit utilized in Jailbreak Me 3.0. The German Federal Office for Information Security had reported that Jailbreak Me revealed the “critical weakness”. that informations might be stolen or unwillingly downloaded malware by iOS clients tapping on maliciously made PDF files. Before Apple released a fix for this security big hole. iOS jailbreak clients had access to fix published by the developers of Jailbreak Me.

In a Q 3 – 2014 Apple was released i O S 8.1.3 that patched up the exploits utilized in jailbreaks for i OS 8. 0 – 8.1.2. It would not be possible to jailbreak untill the i OS 8.3 update. The i OS 9.1 updates on Octomber 21, 2015, incorporated a patch for Pangu i OS 9.0 – 9.0.2 Jailbreaks.

On Augeust 13 – 2015 , Apples updated i O S to 8 .4.1, patching the TaiG exploit. Pangu and Taig teams together said they had been working on exploiting i OS 8.4.1. And Pangu showed this chances at the WWDC in 2015.

In Septemmber 16- 2015, i OS 9 has been announced and made available, it has been released with new “Rootless ” securitty systems, dubbed “heavy blow” to the iOS jailbreak community.

In October 21- 2015, 7 days after the Pangu i OS 9.0 -9.0.2 Jailbreaks were released, Apple pushed the i O S 9.1 updates, which contained patch that rendered it was nonfunctionall.

In August 4 – 2016, Applle released i OS version 9-3-4 to patch the semi–untethered jailbreak for 64–bitt devieces.


History of the iOS Jailbreak tools.

A few people (counting saurik- p0sixninj, and geohots) who have added to building iOS jailbreak software tools. for example- AppSnapp- greenpois0n, Absinthe, purplera1n- blackra1n- limera1n- and others. August- 2011 at DEF CON.
A couple days after the first iPhone got to be accessible in July 2007. Designers discharged the primary jailbreaking device for it. and soon a jailbreaks- only game app becames available. [ 0n October – 2007- JailbreakMe 1.0 ( also calling ” AppSnapp ” ) permitted people to jailbreaks i Phone O S 1.1.1 . In both the iPhone and iPod touch, and it included Installer -app as way to gets softwares for the jailbroken deviece. On February 2008- Zibri released Z iPhone- a tool for A jailbreakingS i Phone OS 1.1.3 and iPhone OS 1.1.4.

The iPhone Dev Team which was not affiliated with Applle has released a serries of a free desktopp -based jailbreakings tools. on July – 2008 it has released version of Pwnage Tool to jailbreaks . Then new iPhone 3 G on i Phone OS 2.0 as well as the iPod touch-newly including Cydia as the primary third- partty installer for jailbroken softwares.  PwnageTool contineues to be updated for untetthered jailbreak of newer i OS version.
In a November – 2008 the i Phone Dev Team relieased Quick PWN to jailbreaks i Phone OS 2.2 on i-Phone and i-Pod touch – with option to empower past functionallity that Apple has disabled in certain devieces.


iOS 3.

After Apple discharged iOS 3.0 on June 2009. The Dev Team distributed redsn0w as a basic jailbreaking device for Mac and Windows. Furthermore upgraded PwnageTool basically proposed for master clients making custom firmware- and just for Mac. It keeps on keeping up redsn0w for jailbreaking most forms of i OS 4 and i OS 5 on generally gadgets.
George Hotz built up the main iPhone open. In 2009, he discharged a jailbreaking device for the iPhone 3 GS on i Phone OS 3.0 called purplera1n. And blackra1n for iPhone OS form 3.1.2 on the third era i Pod touch and different gadgets.
In October 2010, he discharged limera1n, a low-level boot ROM misuse that for all time attempts to jailbreks the iPhone 4 and is utilized as a feature of instruments including redsn0w.
In 2011, JailbreakMe 3.0 utilized a blemish as a part of PDF document rendering in mobil Safari.


iOS 4

Dev Team at first discharged greenpois0n in October 2010. And desktop-based apparatus for jailbreakings i OS 4.1 and later i OS 4.2.1 on most gadgets including the Apple TV,as well as iOS 4.2.6 on CDMA (Verizon) iPhones.


iOS 5

iOS 5 jailbreak
iOS 5 jailbreak

As of December 2011, redsn0w incorporated the “Crown” untether by pod2g for iOS 5.0.1 for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad (first era), and iPod touch (third and fourth generation). As of June 2012, redsn0w additionally incorporates the “Rough Racoon” untether by pod2g for iOS 5.1.1 on all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models that bolster iOS 5.1.1.
iPhone Dev Team, Chronic Dev Team, and pod2g worked together to released Absinthe in January 2012- a desktop–based deviece to jailbreaks the iPhone 4S surprisingly and the iPad 2 for the second time. on iOS 5.0.1 for both gadgets furthermore iOS 5.0 for iPhone 4S.


iOS 6

In May 2012 it discharged Absinthe 2.0, which can jailbreaks i OS 5.1.1 untethered on all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models. That bolster i OS 5.1.1, including jailbreakings the third-era iPad interestingly. The programmers together called the evad3rs discharged an iOS 6.X escape device called “evasi0n” accessible for Linux, OS X, and Windows on Monday, February 4, 2013 at twelve Eastern Standard Time. [citation needed] Due to the high volume of enthusiasm for downloading the escape utility. The website at first gave reckoning clients download errors. [citation needed] When Apple redesigned its product to iOS 6.1.3. It for all time fixed out the evasi0n escape. In April 2013, the most recent forms of Sn0wbreeze was discharged, which included the backing for fastened jailbreaking on A4 gadgets (i.e. gadgets not fresher than the iPhone 4, iPad (first era), or iPod touch (fourth era).


iOS 7

On December 22, 2013, the evad3rs discharged another adaptation of evasi0n that backings jailbreakings . i OS 7.0.x, known as evasi0n7.On December 30, 2013, winocm- ih8sn0w and SquiffyPwn discharged p0sixspwn for untethering gadgets on iOS 6.1.3 – 6.1.5. At first, it was important to escape fastened utilizing redsn0w and introduce p0sixpwn at Cydia. A couple days after the fact, on January -4- 2014, the same group discharged a variant of p0sixpwn for jailbreaking utilizing a PC.

iOS 7.1 fixed the adventures utilized by evasi0n7. And on June 23, 2014, Pangu, a Chinese untethered escape was discharged for iOS 7.1.On December 22, 2013. The evad3rs discharged another adaptation of evasi0n that backings jailbreakings i OS 7.0.x, known as evasi0n7. On December 30, 2013, winocm- ih8sn0w and SquiffyPwn discharged p0sixspwn for untethering gadgets on iOS 6.1.3 – 6.1.5. At first, it was important to escape fastened utilizing redsn0w and introduce p0sixpwn at Cydia. A couple days after the fact, on January -4- 2014, the same group discharged a variant of p0sixpwn for jailbreaking utilizing a PC.

iOS 7.1 fixed the adventures utilized by evasi0n7, and on June 23, 2014, Pangu, a Chinese untethered escape was discharged for iOS 7.1.


iOS 8

In October 22- 2014- Pangu Team has released Pangu-8 to jailbreakall devieces running i OS 8–8.1. The 1st versions were not bundle Cydia, nor was there a i OS 8 compatiblle versions of Cydia at that the time.

In November 29-2014- TaiG team has released their jailbreaks tools called “TaiG” for devieces running i OS 8.0 -8.1.1. In December 10- 2014- the apps were updated to have a support for iOS 8.1.2. In July 3- 2015- TaiG 2.3.0 were released, which incorporates support for i OS 8.0 -8.4.

In 10 September 2015- six days before iOS 9 were released, i H8sn0 w had exhibited a working exploit on his Twitter page, connecting to YouTube videos.


iOS 9

In October 14- 2015- Pangu Team released Pangu 9-0 their jailbreaks tools for i OS 9.0.

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